Hunted Projects is an independant curatorial and interview platform managed by Steven Cox.

For all enquiries, please contact:



Artists and Galleries are welcome to submit exhibitions and publications to be featured on Hunted Projects. Please note that only current exhibitions will be featured online, and submissions that follow the guidlines noted below will be considered.


Submissions should be sent by email to, using a valid Dropbox or WeTransfer LINK. Please do not invite Hunted Projects to join a Dropbox folder, instead attach a LINK for direct download.

Please include:

1. Press Release or exhibition text.

2. Please note: Artist(s)’s name, Venue Name, Exhibition Title, & Opening and Closing dates of the exhibition within the submission email.

3. Documentation images must contain both installation views & individual images of works within the exhibition. Each image must not exceed 1mb.

4. Exhibition check list of works within exhibition.

5. Name of the Artist(s) and Gallery Venue within the download folder.

6. Finally, please attach the name and email address of someone that can be contacted with any questions or concerns.