Works On Paper

Works On Paper

25 - 29 July 2016

Leo XIII, Tilburg, Holland

Hunted Projects is proud to present Works On Paper, an eclectic group exhibition featuring the works of 26 international artists. As the title of the group exhibition implies, Works On Paper will showcase a diverse collection of works that highlight and celebrate each artist’s approach to creating with paper. Exhibiting artists: Conor Backman, Razvan Boar, Kadar Brock, Ross Chisholm, Steven Cox, Koen Delaere, Chris Duncan, Elise Ferguson, Max Frintrop, Ted Gahl, Manor Grunewald, Joseph Hart, Paul Housley, Bas van den Hurk, Folkert de Jong, Matt Kenny, James Krone, Denise Kupferschmidt, Tiziano Martini, Niall McClelland, Christopher Orr, Hilary Pecis, Nathlie Provosty, Josh Reames, Michael Staniak and Ryan Wallace.

Dedicated to raising awareness to the malleable qualities of the somewhat humble materiality of paper, this exploratory exhibition will encourage the viewer to re-evaluate the creative value of the two dimensional plane. This presentation of an extensive spectrum of works is specifically dedicated to underscoring the fundamental importance of visual and material research, where the comprehensive variety of drawings, paintings, prints, collages, and text based works call attention to the artist’s virtuoso in the handling, researching and manipulation of materials on paper.

The varying degrees of complexity and vast technical range of works on show offer the viewer multiple contrasting points of entry. With works ranging from an intimate yet bold gestural graphite work by Joseph Hart, to a more measured and vibrant gouache and walnut ink work by Nathlie Provosty, the range of works endlessly contrast one another. From a humorous sketch by Ted Gahl to a texturally rich work by Ryan Wallace, the spectrum of styles intersects unexpectedly. Featuring works that also subvert the flexible material itself, Conor Backman presents a trompe’l'oeil non-paper work (Petrified X Blank Page) made of rusted steel that resembles a modest sheet of sketchbook paper. Throughout the exhibition, the viewer will encounter processes and techniques that will endlessly shed fresh light on the manipulable potential of paper.