Manor Grunewald | Au coeur de la fête

Hunted Projects has received a copy of Manor Grunewald's Au coeur de la fête, self-published by Studio Manor Grunewald Press. The imagery within Au coeur de la fête, was sourced during a short residency at Niort France throughout the preparation period of the groupshow '(Idéale) Géographie' curated by Olivier Kosta - Théfaine. The idea for Grunewald was to make a visual registration with a wireless handscanner of his stay instead of taking typical touristic pictures with a camera. Scanning sidewalks, construction material, doors, books and other interesting structures that passed his way. The booklet gives a selection of those scans arranged with an interesting visual rhythm.
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Publication Details
Studio Manor Grunewald Press 009
Booklet / softcover
260 x 195 mm
36 pages
B/W Digital Print
Handmade Edition of 75
Published August 2015