Jan S Hansen | Guess

Hunted Projects has received a copy of Jan S Hansen's fantastic publication GUESS, published by Ransby Editions. GUESS is a collection of black and white photographs that has been taken by Hansen during his travels over the years. At 276 pages long, this graphic and zine like publication features a diverse range of imagery that highlights Hansen's alternative observations, spanning photographs of landscapes, ornaments, shoes, horses, beaches, animals, abandoned hotel rooms, figures, dogs and trees. The publication feels like a diary, giving a very personal perspective of how Hansen spent his time discovering spaces new and unexplored.

Jan S. Hansen was born in 1980, Denmark, and has traveled widely for the past 15 years. His practice is based on autobiographical and sociological reflections, spanning a broad range of media such as painting, installation, ceramics and photography.

GUESS is published by Ransby Editions and is available at www.ransbyeditions.com, €37.

Jan S Hansen

Publication Details


210 x 297 mm

276 pages

B/W Digital print

150 g Munken Lynx Rough

Edition of 200

Published July 2015

ISBN 978-87-997693-3-9

Graphic design: Jacob Birch