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Based On A True Story

This is based on the expression on a true story, which echoes both the Pop culture and Hollywood, than at the memory of the ready-made, Galerie Derouillon wanted to structure its summer show. At the heart of the subject and the space, and by the yardstick of the "alternatives facts" and the post-truth, The selected works offer the visitor a joyful vagrancy between the disjointed blocks of our youth.

Paintings, sculptures and installations organize islands of nostalgia and memory, taking from the secret of a faded time the evident traces of the game, the fetish and the totem, which Michel Leiris would have called the Metaphysics of childhood. Thus, Simone Zaccagnini sets us at the table of a morning of our first years, as awakened by a petrified terror that looks at us, with humor, from the top of the great mask of Amandine Guruceaga.

Faithful to a certain Californian tradition of art, the exhibition invites a sensual, almost sensual experience, projecting the viewer into a feeling of shrinking, As if he had tasted the wrong side of Alice's mushroom in Wonderland. The objects which surround it are, in fact, all disproportionate and enlarged; Even the Fender Telecaster, guitar icon rock, we toise its two meters fifty in height (Sadie Laska). And the imposing painting of Claude Viallat comes to affirm and to multiply the psychedelic hue of the whole. We therefore rely on a colorful drift through the facades of buildings, souvenirs of children from Przemek Pyszczek, extended in the singular furniture of Elvire Bonduelle.

Each work is a backdoor that will open, in each of us, to an irreducible memory. Nils Guadagnin takes us to the other side of the mirror. A mirror broken by the pedal of a bass drum, suspending the meaning of this exposure on a crest line: On the one hand, art draws a truly magical territory where time can be traveled in both directions of its axis; On the other, art describes the great overthrow of the theater of appearances, a vital discipline in view of the time when we claudied with crutches of crutches (Annabelle Arlie), trying to stand upright.

Based on a true story, eight artists (four women and four men): Annabelle Arlie, Elvire Bonduelle, Amandine Guruceaga, Nils Guadagnin, Sadie Laska, Przemek Pyszczek, Claude Viallat and Simone Zaccagnini.

Text by Isolda de Metselaar 

Based On A True Story

Annabelle Arlie 
Elvire Bonduelle 
Amandine Guruceaga 
Nils Guadagnin 
Sadie Laska 
Przemek Pyszczek 
Claude Viallat 
Simone Zaccagnini French 

20 May - 20 July 2017

Galerie Derouillon

Images Courtesy of: Galerie Derouillon, Paris

Credit photos: Grégory Copitet