Attitudes In Painting

Attitudes In Painting

29 April - 14 May 2017

Lepsien Art Foundation, Dusseldorf

Hunted Projects is pleased to present Attitudes In Painting, a group exhibition featuring works by Steven Cox, Samuel Francois, Ina Gerken, Gijs van Lith, Colin Penno and Struan Teague. 

Attitudes In Painting aims to highlight and unify contrasting and complimentary approaches towards painting. With a central focus on ones attitude towards paint handling, the exhibition showcases alternative voices and individual definitions of what defines abstraction.

Each work share commonalities that collectively explore elements such as colour, line, composition, and texture, whilst simultaneously confronting shape, structure, light, gesture, transparency and touch. The paintings within the exhibition investigate a subtle expressiveness through materiality, examining processes that in many ways place emphasis on new and old techniques that are now being explored and applied in unexpected combinations.

Throughout the exhibition, the viewer confronts paintings that own evidence of their creation, bearing marks that highlight both delicate and heavy handling. The paintings have been subject to sanding, printing, smearing and engraving, as well as once being worn or walked upon. Attitudes In Painting celebrates each artist’s work as a testament to the ever-evolving language of abstract painting.